1. When issuing a command always use the dog’s name first. Clover come! BE CONSISTENT
2. Hand signals must accompany the vocal command. (Look them up in Google)
3. Be persistent. If the dog does not obey the command keep repeating it until he does. Make sure he executes before you go on to something else.
4. Get some training treat rewards for him. Reward when he does the command correctly. Reward when he is let out to relieve himself and does so.
5. Look for a training class put on by the city in your community. This increases the bond between you and your pup and is actually fun. And not expensive. Regardless, continue to train him yourself.
6. Take your pup wherever you go if appropriate. You can acclimate him to many situations and he will became much calmer.
7. Never strike your dog. You do not want him to become hand shy. Be firm and try to keep the voice at the same pitch.

The end result will be a friend who will not only obey your commands, but will be intuitive as to what you want without you even asking. Clever Clover is like that.

(Photo shows Clover under a stay command. Note his alertness)

Clover stay