Back-and-forth back-and-forth we go,
Both sides never bending, there is no to and fro.
Facts don’t matter and nothing stays the course,
Lefty makes no sense because he is an Intellectual Clutterhorse.

Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi and the De Niro’s,
Flap their mouths but they were never our heroes.
Makes no difference, they always sound the same,
The Intellectual Clutterhorse horse always know whom to blame.

Accuse the Right and make sure it ends with Donald Trump,

Despite the rants, our President always primes the pump.
He toils and works 24/7 all the day and night,
Battling the fakers and Dems he never gives up the people’s fight.

Pundits that have no visible means of support,
Can’t get a job so they clawback with distort.
Leaderless Parrots sing together but have no basis for their rant,
All in unison with the meme and the same meaningless chant.

The talking heads walk the line but deeper they sink,
Down the drain they go claiming that things do stink.
In so deep they can’t recoil to ask for a divorce,
They avoid facts and thus the name, Intellectual Clutterhorse.

*An original term coined by Sluggo