The time has come the wise man said to speak of many things,
Nothing is certain because we know not what the future brings.
Can we guide our lives to avoid a predetermined fate?
“Ahhh,” he said, “This question always comes, but too late.

So it goes, round and round, whatever will be will be,
Can we change the time ahead, it’s much too far to see.
Spirits call out like so many nimble dancers,
So many questions and so very few answers.

Faith is believing when common sense tells you not,
Belief and logic rarely cross and land on the same spot.
They run parallel and seldom do they intersect,
When they do speculation runs wild and unchecked.

So it is that Faith and Logic rarely ever speak,
The powerful sound of both resonates in mystique.
When they meet It’s often called a miracle,
Then both sides claim responsibility even though satirical.

So when it’s over and all is said and done,
Both sides argue that indeed each has won.
The truth be known, there is no real reply,
That’s because conventional wisdom nary does apply.

In the end no change results from what we’ve learned,
From all the books and pages that we have turned,
Firmly entrenched neither side will never retreat.
The endless cycle has and always will repeat.