For purposes of discussion, the medical use of marijuana is excluded from this conversation.

This means that there are big profits coming into those invest large amounts of money.

Marijuana is like any other drug as it is the gateway to more legal drugs. Just like nicotine and alcohol, marijuana is addicting. Those who try marijuana are much more tempted to try harder drugs.

Ask anyone who uses it. They love it and they won’t give it up. Why should they, it’s harmless isn’t it? It makes them feel good. A stress reliever.

A new commercial push for marijuana is not any different than the marketing of alcohol or cigarettes. By the time it’s too late the population is addicted.

It is very slick and smart marketing. Marijuana is infused in many products and can be ingested by food, drink, or inhale.

It’s profit over health. None of this takes into consideration the fact of what is going to do to the public health. Think opioid crisis.

Are we prepared to handle the influx of the traffic that will strain our already limited public health system? Are the insurance companies going to cover legal and voluntary addiction? I think not.

Already, 25% of the DUI arrests are because of marijuana intoxication. Several states have legalized marijuana and the federal government is considering legalizing it. This is a big mistake and should be carefully analyzed.