The Left & the Right conflict is a battle of good vs good. It’s a question of perception. Each thinks they’re right.

It is astounding that the Left cannot see the fallacies of their unreasonableness. Instead, they continue their charge, like the bull in the china shop, ignoring anything and everything trying to make Trump look bad.

They deal from the bottom of the deck, hating Trump more than they love their country. In the end, we all suffer from their obstruction and inaction.

The Democrats lost the election, can’t get over it and now are unraveling. Insults, threats, vulgarity, fake news, disrespect, unruly protests & violence are commonplace. They choose the mob mentality because it’s the only voice they have.

There is a complete power outage on the Left. They lack leadership, a platform and the attention of the American voter.
Instead of trying to regain their confidence, they continue to cause chaos and obstruction throughout the system.

President Trump is part of the turmoil because he is so hated by the Left. Hated because he brings to the table all the things that were ignored as political dynamite and swept under the rug for years. Hated because he retaliates and often initiates blowback insults.

Immigration, taxes, foreign-policy, and the economy have all been abandoned during the Obama administration. Trump has offered and executed solutions. There is a fight, bordering on hysteria, on any legislation he tries to pass.

Trump said it best, “Drain the swamp”. By that, he meant get rid of corruption and tackle the many unsolved and ignored by the previous administration. That’s what he’s doing and they hate it and despise him.

Curiously, the Left is not accountable but the Right is. That mentality is turning because America is fed up with the minutiae. The Media is much to blame. They permit and often sanction the mob by either affirming the actions or show it continuously throughout the day.

Essentially the Dems are creating their own death warrant. Midterms and 2020 sound the toll.