Comey & McCabe we’ve got your make,
Comey & McCabe a two-headed snake.
Comey & McCabe kings of the fake, 
Comey & McCabe still on the take

The conspiracy began right at the top,
The train started moving and could not stop.
Clinton to Lynch to Obama to Comey, all in one hop,
Too late now the proverbial bubble is about to pop.

Mueller & IG Horowitz both such a sham,
Used their positions to perpetrate the scam.
Nunes & Gowdy provide the big bam,
You bet’um Red Rider they all on the lam.

Comey writes a book and comes out on tour,
Can’t listen to him he’s such a boor.
McCabe wants to testify and thinks it’s the cure,
Morally bankrupt both will end up poor.

A piece of the swamp is Jeff & Bob,
McCain & McConnell part of the mob.
Pelosi & Schumer are corns on the cob,
Sellouts and turncoats a fact of the job.

Traitors and bailouts like deserter Bo,
Comey & McCabe grandstand for show.
Ethics and morals are at a new low,
They stand and deliver a personal low blow.

Comey & McCabe we heard your pout,
Can’t get a job that’s what it’s about.
The fans in the stands unanimously shout,
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.