April 2016: The Clinton Campaign & the DNC paid $14M for the Dossier. It used its law firm, Fusion GPS to do opposition research and dig up dirt on then-candidate, Donald Trump.

Fusion, in turn, hired former U.K.investigator Christopher Steele to assemble the dossier. That full dossier of allegations wasn’t made public until after the election, in January 2017. ”

The document is based on anonymous Russian sources. They’ve never been proven, many have been disproven.
The DNC sent the documents to the FBI and then briefed the press on it.

Fake news if you will.

The Left Wing press was able to claim this was intelligence that the FBI possessed and it gave it some air of credibility, Pretty clever, no?

While the Democrats claim that the information was not used during the campaign, Steele briefed journalists in September 2016 on his research.

The dossier was used by the FBI to obtain a court order to wiretap members of the Trump team. This is no small deal. Now, the FBI is not letting House investigators see the relevant files.

The media and Democrats continue to peddle the line that it played no role in the election itself.