1. Sanctuary cities are a raging example of a flagrant violation of Federal law.
2. DACA is not about 800,000 “kids” (up to 35), rather it’s over the shift in power that will put Florida, Arizona, & several others on the Democratic side. This change gives them the 2020 election.
3. If the 11,000,000 illegals are given a pathway to citizenship. The Dems will have eternal control over the destruction of the two-party system.

1. Government shutdown caused by the Dems for the sole purpose of allowing Dreamers to gain citizenship. 95% voted against a temporary funding.
2. Impeachment of the President by appointment of Special Prosecutor Mueller who is biased against him. He has appointed 9 attorneys, each has contributed to the Democratic Party.
3. A Democratic vote block that rallies against any legislation proposed by the GOP.

1. The Obama administration conspiracy to win the 2016 election will unravel and reveal collusion between the FBI, DOJ, HRC, Bill Clinton, the DNC. & former President Obama.
2. The Left Wing press gets its marching orders from the Dems. 90% of their reporting is biased against Trump. Fake news abounds.

We are witnessing an attempted coup; an overthrow of the central government which violates the Constitution of the United States of America, the most successful form of government in the history on mankind.

And for what? Illegal immigrants, who have squatted in the US and have drained the systems dry? Oh no! It’s for the purpose of taking back control of the Presidency and Congress.

It will take a strong-willed Donald Trump to withstand this firestorm.

Stand strong: right makes might.