The Left, so blinded by hate, cannot see the forest through the trees. They cannot get over their election defeat by a character so brash as Trump.

Nor can they stand by watching the unraveling of the Obama policies and the unseating of their power base.

They refuse to acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s stream of lies throughout her career and her utter lack of good character.

The Donna Brazile incident where she gave the CNN questions to Clinton before a town hall debate against the hapless Bernie Sanders is 100% proof that HRC lacks moral character. She has no ethics.

She should have issued a strong rebuke to Brazile and the DNC and demanded a fresh set of questions. But no, she never said a word.

That’s the Hillary Clinton we feared. A combination of poor judgement and low moral standards. That is what we would have gotten if she has been elected. She would have followed the Obama footsteps of corruption and feckless leadership.

That is why Donald Trump got elected.

Thus, all the grousing and insulting comments dished out at our President are coming from a disingenous source. It is the Democrats who fuel the media with fake news which spreads hate through innuendo and speculation.

We are witness to an unsuccessful coup d’etat which is based on fraud spearheaded by the FBI & the DOJ. When the evidence is unsheathed it will trail back to Barack Obama.

The original purpose was to undermine the Trump candidacy and put HRC in the White House.

Now, the underlying reason is to dislodge Trump from the throne. Calls for impeachment or the use of the 25th Amendment to unseat him are commonplace from the Left.

He is not unfit to serve. There is no proof of that. He did not collude with Russia to win the election. He did not obstruct justice in the firing of FBI Director Comey. Where is the evidence?

What poppycock!

Trump remains strong and unflappable. He is resolute in his goal to restore America to its position as the leader on the world stage as well as bringing economic prosperity to the homeland.

His State of the Union address said much to advance his agenda. He remains focused and on track, one that he has never veered away from.

He will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents as well as the most controversial.