November 27

TRILOGY….A story of three

You want to know how it will be.
Whether it’s two or will it be three?
We can’t live with or without.
But one choice, there is no doubt.

My mind says two, my body says three,
If the other finds out, they will never see.
I long for them both, together at last,
What can we do to get this passed?

You both stand there, your long hair glowing,
So alive, our minds still a growing.
What can we do, we both love you,
They won’t understand, they won’t have a clue.

You are afraid, not knowing what to do,
You are shy and embarrassed, that too.
We are afraid it breaks all the rules,
All that we learned from those schools.

Is it sex, lust, or just love?
We can’t ask for guidance from above.
It seems natural it seems right,
Soon we may all soon see the light.

What can we do, we can try something new,
This is right, but only for those crazy few.
We can’t say what it will be,
The love we have is for three.

The time has come, it’s now or never,
It’s not possible to try and sever.
We love each other it’s plain to see,
That’s how it is, why can’t we be three?