Mister Trump thinks all that is twitter,
Will stop the Left from being so bitter.
Every word and all those insults,
Are cannon fodder without any results.

He continues to tweet but all he can say,
Little Rocket Man we don’t want to play.
Kim delivered we knew what would come,
Watch out from above there won’t be a crumb.

He knocks the Left, he screams at the Right,
He seems not to care the race will be tight.
Vinegar gets nothing, much less than honey,
Votes can’t be bought not even with money.

His rant is like schoolhouse rumble.
He doesn’t see his continuous bumble.
His tweets come from way out the blue,
He misses the point without even a clue.

He teases and taunts, not even a blush,
He targets his victims aiming to crush,
They pick up his words and lash right back,
Derailing the President right off his track.

Give us a break and get off the pedal,
Enough is enough you’re gaining no medal.
He doesn’t see that by degrading others,
He lowers himself along with his brothers.

Does he not know, does he not see?
No longer lemmings, his fans they do flee.
Sooner than later if he doesn’t stop,
His Presidency will become one big fat flop.