An evite arrived promising eats and root beer,
The message inside was perfectly clear.
Excitement mounted as the days rolled over, 
Alas, the invitation was for my sweetest Clover.

Sharon’s party struck a most clever tune,
Surely this was to be a dog day afternoon.
Seven dogs brought twenty-two folks,
All curious, this must be a hoax.

Enter the house boasting holiday cheer,
Spirit was high with nothing to fear,
Nary a fight as dogs made their mark,
Freely they roamed just as if in the park.

Dan Hilton was there with his best bag,
Dutifully following without any lag.
The pooches went freely from grass to house,
All in good order, not even a mouse.

Snack and treats not making us thinner,
All good but where’s the fucking dinner?
The turkey and sides were cooking all day,
Let’s eat now without further delay.

Calm remained while the diners did queue,
The smell in the house gave us the clue.
Father, son, and the Holy Ghost,
He who grabs will not get the most.

Small talk and big talk and non-stop Nancy,
All added to the delight of our fancy.
Loosen the belt there’s more on the venue,
Chocolate on chocolate was part of the menu.

Gladness for all including Hilton’s clan,
All raised a toast for such a fine plan.
At the end of the day when all’s said and done,
Nothing better not even a Homerun.

Her melody could be heard soft and clear,
The sweetness of person that makes her so dear.
A day in the life without any stress,
We thank you Sharon Sharp and God bless.