November 11


Will women find it more difficult to find jobs because businesses are concerned with the growing number of complaints filed by women in the workplace?

One accusation or misunderstood comment could end a man’s career. He exercises a heightened caution but his actions affect women’s careers, too — potentially depriving them of the kind of relationships that lead to promotions.

Research shows that building genuine connections with senior people is perhaps the most important contributor to career advancement.

Women are less likely to build such a bond, in part because both senior men and junior women worry that it will be misread by others.This imbalance causes women to stall at lower levels.

Trust has been replaced with suspicion and innuendo. A touch, a pat, or a joke can lead to HR where a complaint could yield a large claim and subsequent payoff.

It permeates every avenue. Entertainment, Hospitals, Doctors, education, emails, and anywhere there is a possibility of human contact.

Has it gone too far?