November 09


As President Trump winds up his trip to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam & the Philippines it is noted that he has significantly changed the landscape.

Whereas the last three former Presidents did not address the salient issues with these countries, Trump did.

1. TRADE: The huge imbalance of goods coming to the US from each of these countries contribute to an ever increasing deficit. American exports must be increased or protective tariffs will be imposed.

CHINA: Presidents Trump & Xi have created a friendship bond not seen since WW11. This will go a long way in enforcement of an embargo of Chinese goods to North Korea which is 85% dependent on them for its very existence.

Contrast this to the Obama/Clinton fiasco where Obama was not given the red carpet and exited Airforce 1 from the rear.

2. MILITARY UPGRADES: Except for China, the others must become more independent and purchase American superior fighter planes, defense systems, and equipment. This is necessary to present a unified beefed up front in the face of potential North Korean aggression.

3. NORTH KOREA: Trump’s comparison of 65 years of South Korean progress and prosperity to North Korean disparities was a contrast equivalent to day and night. One is booming, the other is starving. They are only 25 Miles apart.

His detailed description was a wake up call for NK to come to the diplomacy table to negotiate a peace accord which included an absolute and total surrender of KJU’s nuclear weapons and missiles. Or face military consequences.

While no deadline was set it was clear that the time frame is narrowing. The line in the sand has been drawn.

Trump’s position is clear and not subtle. Give up the nukes and missiles or we are coming to get them. His unpredictable nature adds credence to his ultimatum.

Great job Mr. President. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.