November 05


Clover, Clover then why not Rover?
Never ever not even Grover.
Thick white coat brighter than Dover,
Loves to play and jumps moreover.

Agile and smart, just like a mouse.
No chance he would pee in the house.
Protects the home and ever so clever,
Loves the Tom Petty by whomsoever.

Sweetest Clover why dost thy bark?
Begging, as usual, to go to the park.
Daddy’s staying in can’t make it today,
Let me out, promise not to stray.

Found running wild alone in the street,
Thirsty and hungry looking to eat.
One year old when found in September,
Two years passed too much to remember.

Always relaxed and always calm,
Loves me much just like his mom.
Never more than 10 feet away,
Never says no to a good play.

Has lots of toys but favors his pigs,
Likes the grunts that come from their digs.
Won’t let go and possessive as hell.
Minds his lessons and learning to spell.

Excited to go first thing in the morn,
Does the spinneys to give the first warn.
He’s independent, but stays 10 feet near,
Sleeps all day long but up with one ear.

Never forgets what he’s told
He’ll take care of me when I’m old.
If ever one could have a dog,
Fills the glass more than grog.

Clover follows where I go,
If they don’t like him, I just won’t show.
Buds for life all the way to the end,
Sleeps in my bed and is my best friend.