Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall,
All his detractors won’t see him fall.
Over and over they run down his flag,
They reach new lows but continue to sag.

The stars and the Dems they all did screech,
Off with his head or at least impeach.
Waters & Wilson led those who nay,
Try as they did no one would play,

Clinton and Lynch corrupt as they are,
Designer stripes cannot be that far.
The list gets larger and fans grow rowdy,
Thank the Lord for Nunes and Trey Goudy.

Back and forth they continue to fight,
Every word the left and the right.
They scream and rant over his Twitter,
He laughs it off for he’s no quitter.

The working man and those poor deplorables,
After the election, they became the adorables.
When the day’s over and all said and done,
They are content in just saying we won.