November 03


Let’s look at bad girl Donna Brazile,
Seems like she’s more like Cruella de vil.
She was top dog as the DNC chair,
Debbie & Donna were quite the pair.

She gave Hillary the debate questions,
Furnished by CNN to win all the sessions.
Try as she may to cheat poor Bernie,
He didn’t fail to prolong the journey.

Donna got fired and then wrote a book.
Found the proof, we must take a look.
Bernie was cheated, the nomination fixed
Hillary would win and the nation was mixed.

She confidently strode and could hear her boast,
Exposed as a fraud she surely is toast.
Hillary caught with her hand in the jar,
Crooked as always and lowered the bar.

The Dems and the Left are guilty of collusion,
Let’s get this straight so there’s no confusion.
They framed our President with that dirty dossier,
Hypocrites are caught and cannot downplay.

Shift the blame, oh sure we’ll do that,
Blame the Trump and all that chit-chat.
The anvil is down, the poise of the hammer,
Waiting to strike and quiet the clammer.

The mallet was heard with a loud crash,
The last cries of Brazile & the Clinton cash.
They went down the drain without a whimper,
Only to find the Arch Bishop of Quimper.

Their exits took place to the delight of the fan,
Begging for justice to dispose of the clan.
Brazile, Schultz, Clinton, Comey, and Lynch,
Will all take the 5th to avoid the big pinch.

Goodbye and good riddance to all that trash,
Look for the headlines that make a big splash.
Donna, Schultz, & Hillary all have no clue.
Pants suits stripes come only in orange and in blue.