November 03


Tarmac Bill met AG Lynch,
Told her no and not to flinch.
Lynch told Comey it’s a dead cinch, 
Hillary walks and be sure not to pinch.

Hillary awoke from a deep dream of peace,
Knowing, at last, she’d found the hidden crease.
Bill & Barack had arranged for the grease,
That gave the pretender a much-needed release.

The plan in place dealt with her email,
The fix was set to prevent a derail.
Surely this time she would not fail,
In her quest for the holy grail.

She pandered to those who offered quote,
She begged and pleaded for their vote.
His nicknames and tweets got her goat,
The truth would surface and sink her boat.

Crooked Hillary was never the same,
Always looking for someone to blame.
Excuses excuses were all so lame,
It seemed that this was the end of the game.

Down went the Dems deprived and bereft,
Americans relieved when avoiding the theft.
All the king’s horses and all of his heft,
Can’t restore Hillary as leader of the Left.

What Happened was the name of her book,
She claimed reasons to take a second look.
Try as she may to get rid of the rook,
Hillary Clinton remained corrupt and crook.

Orange stripes and pantsuits cause no doubt,
She huffs & she puffs and continues to pout,
The fan in the stands unanimously shout,
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.