November 01


Wylie Cartrette a criminal court judge,
Make the wrong move and he won’t budge.
In South Carolina he’s smooth as silk, 
Defense be careful or you’ll raise his ilk.

Wylie & Faye, what a pair they do make,
She cleans up his messes for God’s sake.
The proverbial bull in the china shop,
Leave it to Faye to bring to a stop.

The judge is famous for his one line quips,
Say something to him and it won’t leave his lips.
Humor and wit make a good old boy,
Laughter and mirth bring nothing but joy.

Meeting the Judge you’d never suspect,
Sits on the bench and demands respect.
A Cool Hand Luke always right as rain,
Leaning on Wylie is nothing but pain.

If lucky enough to be called his friend,
A call for help he surely will send.
Be proud to name his as your best Bud,
Surely none better than Judge Wylie the stud.