November 01


Will Manafort, Pappadappy, and Flynn,
Sing to save their own thin skin?
Will they implicate President Trump,
And contribute to his galactic bump.

Will Trump repace Counsel Mueller,
With a lawyer who is somewhat duller?
Hell to pay if fired without cause,
Though would be to loud applause.

Shepard Smith & CNN do say,
Trump might make this latest play.
But not Kosher according to Hoyle,
Bound to make the Left’s blood boil.

The wheels come off because of ruse,
Trump stands without blowing his fuse.
So far so good there’s no collusion,
The tears will shed when no confusion.

We cannot wait for this Witch Hunt,
Runs amok and points to the cunt.
Hillary’s time is long overdue,
Designer stipes are made in blue.

Good things come to those who wait,
Especially those who resist the bait.
The fans have waited for their deserve,
No longer patient they’ve lost reserve.

When all is done and the dust settles,
Peace will come to those with nettles.
Fans will choir in unanimous consent,
Off with her head, without further torment.