October 31


To get connected call Nikki Haskell,
She’s the girl, a tough little rascal.
Been there, said that and done it all,
One smart cookie, but not that tall.

Nikki’s here, there, & everywhere,
Dressed to the 9s but oh that hair.
She’s the one to get you in,
Better be nice or you’ll lose that pin.

Always social since a teen,
Loved by all but not a queen.
She’s got ideas and they’re not crazy,
One would never think to call her lazy.

Star Crunch, Caps and now the Shooter,
Star of television, she’s even cuter.
Her new TV show will be the best
Personality plus and all that zest.

Nikki Nikki oh so tricky,
Nikki Nikki never picky,
Nikki Nikki a heart of gold,
Nikki Nikki don’t ever get old.