October 18


2.270,000 including reserves are enrolled in all branches are stationed in 150 countries, the United States, and its territories. The soldier is the best trained and equipped anywhere at any time in history. They have never lost a war.

They are the peacemakers. We are the good guys with good intentions. If not for them, there would be many countries under the domination of one or two.

They deserve and command respect.

Yet, the latest black social protest on NFL fields during the national anthem and American flag roll out tramples and denigrates that sacrosanct 3 minutes where military families remember the service of their lost ones as well as those currently serving.

Veterans have not gotten a fair shake and were almost forgotten. Conditions at the VA are deplorable.

Seems like the best always brings out the worst.

960,000 wear the badge or serve in different branches and capacities. The Policeman is out-gunned, out-planned and out-manned. His life is on the line; his family never knows if he will come home. He is expected to do all, yet he is unappreciated and underpaid.

Without them, there would be chaos. They enforce the laws and keep order. They suffer the most disrespect of any of the uniforms.

President Obama disrespected them by inviting BLM and Al Sharpton to the White House. Changing political climate is anti-cop. Sensational headlines caused a series of protests led by BLM that caused riots and subsequent sprees of cop killing ambushes.

Seems like the best always brings out the worst.

1,134,000 wear the uniform. Highly trained, firemen are the least used and most wanted. They risk their lives like no others, fighting an enemy that gives no quarter and shows no mercy. Many have died in service.

They carry people out of burning buildings and give puppies CPR. Well trained, they are the emergency life team that responds to almost every kind of problem. They are tough, resolute, and show no fear in the face of the most extreme adversities.

NFL black athletes protest during the National Anthem. This disrespects those in uniform.

Seems like the best bring out the worst.

A 1st responder is certified trained to provide basic life support in a medical emergency. Underpaid, the first responder capability is widespread making the nation safer against terrorism, natural disasters, and everyday occurrences.

Many die in their efforts to save others. 9/11 took 582 lives of emergency responders in all branches of the uniform. They are fearless and always show up on the front lines of earthquakes, fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, etc. are all on the 1st responder menu.

The black protests on the NFL football field have disrespected the work that these tireless help givers do.

Seems like the best bring out the worst.

The widening racial divide is reflected in the discontent of perceived black social injustice. An incident brings sensational headlines and further increase the police-hate sentiment. Protests and riots often follow. Blacks loot their own cities.

Cycle repeats. Nothing accomplished.