October 14


A realistic view on the Harvey Weinstein story;

3 rapes, 4 sexual assaults, and 4 indecent exposures.

There will be no criminal charges against him because the statute of limitations will have expired. There is no DNA, witnesses, police report, tapes, photos; only he said-she said.

Besides, does anybody really believe that Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood for over 30 years, couldn’t get what he wanted by just asking for it? If not one, then surely the next.

Back to the centerpiece, the casting couch. Pity on the poor women who made a deal to become famous by spending a few minutes on the couch for a potential life-time of fame and fortune. Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

Sounds like a good deal….a win-win. Nothing like a good quid pro quo.

They willfully traded their beauty for a chance to show it off on film. That’s why they didn’t complain then, but have buyer’s remorse now. These Pretties were going to give it away to someone, so why not advance their careers? Pay for play is the world’s oldest profession. So what’s different here?

Scandalous isn’t it?

Where was Paltrow, Judd, and Jolie before the big fall? Basking in the Hollywood limelight, enjoying their multi million dollar pay days in their big mansions and fancy cars…..all because of that snake, that awful Harvey Weinstein. He was caught with his pants down. Now witness the typical Hollywood pile-on.

Hypocrites, all of them.

It’s all about culpability, it takes two to Tango, but the media won’t talk about that. A double standard but in reverse. She gets off unblemished while he walks the plank.