October 14


The saga of Harvey Weinstein

So, what did Harvey really do? Can we actually find out when there is zero evidence other than he said-she said? No DNA, no secret tapes, no photos, no police reports, and an elapsed time spanning 30+ years.

3 rapes, 4 sexual assaults, and 4 indecent exposures are on the menu.


Where were the allegations of rape way back when? Were the police ever notified? Was it consensual? Is there any evidence that would substantiate a rape charge? Why now and not at the time of the act? Did Weinstein have to force his starlets or was there culpability? Most likely, the statute of limitations has expired for any criminal charges.

Assault had a different meaning 30 years ago than today. A simple touch back then is regarded as faux pas today; an assault if prosecuted. Times have changed. Is Weinstein caught in a time warp? Has today’s morays made Harvey’s advances improper behavior back then?

Where was the outrage? Where were the complaints? Why now and not then?

Does the same conversation with sexual overtones back 30 years ago carry the same weight as now? The well known and often jested casting couch is likely the centerpiece of sexual harassment. Sexual favor for movie parts was well known in the 70-80’s. Is this part of the scenario?

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual proclivity was legendary. Jokes at the Oscars and other awards spread the inflammation around the business. Certainly, HRC and other Democrats receiving support knew about his nefarious habits. Now, they rush to the alter, having seen Jesus. His large donations have become a scourge on the candidates he supported including an appalled HRC. They can’t wait to donate the money to various charities. Hypocrites abound.

I decline to take a position on the date of this writing and will wait till all the “facts” surface. Certainly, it will be deliciously juicy as Hollywood’s royalty aims a broadside at Weinstein’s great expense.