1. Their 1st Amendment rights do not extend to private property. The Bill of Rights provides individuals protection against government actions. Restrictions on individuals’ freedom of speech on private property do not involve state action.
2. The millionaires protest on the field while not doing much to give back to their under-privileged communities.
3. The black athletes that chose to dishonor the flag and the anthem used the wrong venue. Plain and simple.
4. They have offended the uniform, including the military, police, fire fighter, and 1st offenders and all those who hold those 3 minutes as sacrosanct. Only 3 out of 1700 has worn a uniform. 50% have been arrested or convicted.

1. Commissioner Roger Goodell is boxed in between the players, the Players Association, the President, and an overwhelmingly unpopular cause with NFL fans.
2. He is losing support from all sides which is reflected in an already shrinking fan well as advertiser withdrawal.
3. It is his own fault. He never took a position insisting on respect for the national anthem and the flag.
4. While there is an established protocol for addressing the pregame ceremony, NFL regulations do not mandate it be followed, SHOULD does not mean MUST.
5. This will soon be rectified by a meeting with the owners to change the rule and make it mandatory to stand at attention with hand on heart. Specificity is necessary. That included exact no wiggle room language and fines meted out to owners and players ranging from monetary to future draft rotation.

1. The owners cannot fine or suspend the players for protesting. The rules do not prohibit a protest, but oddly enough excessive celebration or wearing a support patch for fallen policemen is a no-no.
2. The Players Union would cause them undo nightmares.
3. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
4. They have not been united in dealing with the protests.
5. A dip in revenue has forced them to unite.

1. He is driven by principle where respect and honor of the American Flag and national anthem have been desecrated. There is no give in his position. He will not back down, he never does.
2. His popularity might increase with the white vote, especially middle America and the southern states.

Like everything else, when the dust settles, normalcy will return. Black social injustice will not have gained ground; they will have to protest elsewhere to be heard. The NFL will elect a new commissioner, the owners will have to bite the bullet with less revenue, and the President…..he will come out a hero for respecting sacred American tradition.