We were walking up South Beverly Drive after dinner around 7 o’clock. Three unshaven Muslim men in their 20’s were speaking to each other, leaning against the wall just outside Ruth Chris.

One of them flicked a lit 1.5” cigarette butt onto the street, a few feet from the curb. I approach them and asked him if he knows that he supposed to put his cigarettes into the trash and help keep the city clean?

He replied, “I didn’t do it.” I insisted that he did and he continued to lie. He refused to pick up the butt.

I said, “Who the fuck is supposed to pick up your butt?” He continued to lie insisting that he did not do it. It was a bold face lie, I was 10 feet away from him.

So, I picked it up and threw it into a nearby trash container, not more than a few feet away.

The arrogance of these guys was almost too much to take. While it is a random sample, it was typical of their stereotype.

It is a precursor of things to come.