October 14


A by-product of a decadent system.

A man’s character is measured by the way he wields power and position.

Assuming there are no criminal charges filed against him, what has HW done to evoke such shock and outrage that has rippled throughout Hollywood royalty?

Weinstein is simply a middle-man, the go-between celluloid and actor. He follows the well-beaten path of moguls, agents, casting, and directors that leads to the proverbial casting couch.

Pay for play comes in many forms. There are dozens of websites that openly advocate it. Is the venue on Harvey’s couch any different than the quid pro quo offered elsewhere?

There is no coercion, Two consenting adults made a deal. Boo hoo. Pity on the poor women who become famous by spending a few minutes on the couch for a potential lifetime of fame and fortune. Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

Damn good deal if you ask me.

We live in the time of great social outrage. Weinstein’s saga is particularly poignant because it represents much of what’s wrong in Hollywood, yet has been openly allowed to fester. It’s common knowledge, joked about in major award shows.

Feigned hypocrisy at it’s very best.

It’s all about culpability, it takes two to Tango, but the media won’t talk about that. A double standard but in reverse. She gets off unblemished while he walks the plank.

What about the boys? They are an easy target. When will we hear from them? Where are their voices?

Hollywood will continue to pile on Harvey. They better watch their backs, soon, everybody will be fair game.

Watch for coverups. This is going to be juicy.