While i support the Trump administration and our President, I am opposed to the following Trump proposals:
While every country has the right to protect their own borders, most don’t have walls. Modern technology obsoletes them. Before we consider a Mexican border wall, enforce the current laws. Since Trump has been in office, illegal entries are down 60%. There are many other ways to get into this country illegally other than at the Mexican border. And of course there is always that hi-tech ladder.
A different situation exists in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, & Belgium. They all welcomed Muslim migration. Those countries are geographically feasible for a Syrian refugee. Trump’s wall deals primarily with Latino illegals, a much different scenario than with the Muslims. I don’t recall any Latin Jihads. The proof is simple. If we want to be walled, why not the Canadian border as well?
The $25B to build the wall could be much better spent on all damage we have experienced with Hurricanes, floods, and fires. Money is going to run critically short so let’s use it where it does the most good.
Trump wants to increase military spending by around $450B and increase nuclear arms tenfold. I am in favor of deescalation. We have enough nukes to obliterate this planet several times over. We have more ships, plains & missile delivery systems than all other nations put together. It’s overkill.
If we devised a plan to reduce our nuclear bombs, say one for one with Russia and China, it would be far less expensive than to increase the stock. I am sure that both the Russians and the Chinese would be receptive to such an idea. No nation can afford to continue the arms race.
Mutual deescalation with China and Russia saves huge amounts of money which could be spent elsewhere to improve their own countries. It wouldn’t take much to start the process. By escalating the military, Trump will cause a negative chain reaction.
While it is the right of every private citizen (underage and felons not included) to bear arms, it is not necessary to have automatic high caliber weapons with large magazines. They aren’t used for hunting or sport, but could and have been used for terrorist attacks. Elimination would slow down the killings if there is another attack.
Deporting 11M illegal aliens is not only impossible, but downright ridiculous. Take out the criminals, gangs, and other undesirables and let the balance of law biding good people have a path to citizenship. Tighten up border security, enforce the laws and we will see a halt to illegal immigration. Illegal crossings now down 65% since Trump took office; more of the same stems the flow.
Elimination of welfare to illegals and the birthright will cut down the incentives to immigrate illegally.
Claims that Planned Parenthood uses the bulk of its public funding for abortions are false. It is estimated that Planned Parenthood health centers prevent at least 579,000 unintended pregnancies a year while it performed 370,000 abortions annually.
At least 60% of Planned Parenthood patients rely on public health programs like Medicaid and Title X for their preventive and primary care. That means blocking patients who rely on public health care programs from getting their care at Planned Parenthood centers. Envision devastating consequences to millions of people, those of color, people with low incomes, and people in rural communities who already face barriers to care.
President Trump’s incessant Twitter use gets him too much negative attention. It is high time he realizes he is not in the schoolyard. He doesn’t have to weigh in on every petty comment made about him. Sure, he has 50M followers and can bypass the Left media biased news, still, he needs to tone it way down. Make each tweet important. His retaliatory remarks fall on deaf ears except on the Left where they have a grand time knocking 45.
A recognition by the Trump administration that the possibility of man-made influences on climate change is real. The balance between oppressive regulation and a free fall on loosening restrictions must be balanced. Powerplants, coal, solar, fuel economy & oil exploration on Federal lands all must be included in the equation.