These millionaire hypocrites need to to clean up their own house before protesting about Black social injustice. They chose to take the 3 minutes of sacrosanct time which is so personal to Americans and interrupt it with a cause that is blown way out of proportion.

Before allegations of racial discrimination are going to be addressed, African-American communities must police their own. Drugs, violence, crime, fatherless families, and degradation of women must change .

Where are the role models that African-American children can look up to? Rap and hip-hop stars? NFL players, when 50% of them have arrest records or convictions?

I think not.

Change is only going to come from within. The rhetoric by leaders like BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan must be taken down and replaced with the calm logic proffered by MLK.

Disrespecting and honoring the national anthem and the American flag is pushing in the wrong direction. It only brings more racial and political divide.

Stop it and play ball! Sportsmanship goes a lot further than protest.