October 01



2 armed and masked with hoodies pushed thru the kitchen door when I was letting Gizmo out. They overpowered me and put a gun to my head saying, “This is a 9mm and you have 10 seconds to live.” Then started counting backward…10…9…8…I could feel the cold steel pressure against the back of my head.

I assured them there was nobody home and that they didn’t want to add 1st degree murder to their rap sheet. The small one, the one holding the gun, kept counting while the large one was having 2nd thoughts about ending my life.

I interrupted the cadence by telling them I’d make it easy to find all the money, jewelry and other goodies. That seemed to make sense to them.

We started with my wallet. There was $400 in it. I told them to come on Friday instead of Sunday because I would be more heavily stacked with dough for my golf weekend. They laughed…that was the key…gallows humor.

They tied me up, hands behind and feet bound to a large heavy library table in the Master bedroom. They beat me up when they thought I lied about a small floor safe in the then wife’s closet.

They were in the house for about an hour, a very long time for a home invasion robbery. I told them that the Bel Air Patrol came to my house every night about 9pm to inspect it inside and out and that they should leave because I didn’t want to be caught in a crossfire.

They packed up the loot and left within few minutes.

Wifey and kids were at Disneylamb and were late coming home. She missed them by 10 minutes.

I was blessed with very good luck. Wow! To this day I thank God for watching over me. Guess it wasn’t my time yet.


Tips on how to survive a home invasion robbery.
1. If you survive the first minute, your chances of living dramatically increase. Distract them.
2. Don’t lose your nerve. Don’t panic, it makes them panic.
3. Be Cooperative.…
4. Don’t lie, if you can get caught.
5. Inject a sense of humor.
6. Keep them talking.
7. Tell robbers that Alarm company comes every evening at a certain time and inspects the premises, both inside and out.
8 . Tell robbers your brothers are expected home shortly.
9. Pray, out loud so they can hear you. One might be religious
10. Beef up your security system. Install cameras and monitors in several different places. Call the professionals.
11. Light up your exterior.
12. Keep lights on in the interior.
13. Post a few signs. Let them know you are armed.