Those who haven’t served in any kind of uniform are disrespecting and dishonoring those that have by not observing the time honored tradition of the American flag and the national anthem. This includes members of the Armed Forces, policeman, firemen, and first responders.
They are ignorant and selfish. Some follow the BLM rationale of unfair treatment especially by the police. Others, dislike Trump and are using the national format to display their displeasure.
in either case, they take away the prideful moments that the families of fallen and disabled servicemen treasure in remembrance of their family member who sacrificed their lives to insure freedom for ours.
President Trump knows this and said so.
Where are these pseudo warriors when it comes to mourning the death of a marine serving in some God-forsaken country? Where are BLM when a white officer is gunned down by a black man? Do they take any part of the unimaginable millions and donate it to the fallen’s family?
Oh no, they steal those precious few moments, small solace that it is, to promote their illegitimate causes like police brutality, black criminals in jail or an opportunity to bash our President.