September 24


Starting with Collin Kaepernick’s protest kneel when the national anthem was played, a protest movement has spread to many NFL & NBA teams.

The idea behind it is that black people are not given a fair shake. BLM spawned from it and the president has taken exception to the protests. In a war of words, he called out Steph Curry by disinviting the Golden State Warriors to the White House.

The President’s position is simple and correct. The kneel shows lack of respect for the American flag and is unpatriotic. Those that have fought and died for our country are being disrespected and dishonored.

An interesting dichotomy lets NFL players take a knee and at the same time does not allow boys playing football at the middle school level to pray before a game.

NFL players have become martyrs in the eyes of the media. Nobody thinks they don’t have a right to exercise their First Amendment rights, but many think it’s a question of good judgment and that there is a better venue then a sports event to push their agenda.

This massive intersection between politics and sports has some history behind it. Recall, Tommy Smith and Harry Edwards in the 1968 Olympics pushing their closed fists up in the air during the Olympic medal presentation.

Some NFL owners are standing behind their players because they cannot afford to clash with them and the communities that support the teams. The exception is Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.

No player has been fired from their team as a result of a protest, however, Collin Kaepernick has been unable to find a job as an NFL quarterback since taking the knee.

There could be no question that the movement has caught on. Taking the knee during the flag presentation and the national anthem is no longer surprising. It is commonplace.

70% of the fans are not in favor of the protests. It is not the time or the place for them. Sports and military have always rallied together. Our entire culture and society come together on the playing field.

The thread that binds us together is being cut and it’s disappointing. Trump has taken on the NFL and has caused the owners to take a difficult position. They must support the players because of their contract with the NFL, television stations, and the players Association. A walk out would be disastrous.

It’s going to cost them in the attendance figures. Trump is calling for a fan boycott and attendance is already down close to 8% since last year.

Much of the school yard talk is coming from the President, both in Twitter and in a live speech. He should tone down his rhetoric and step away. Even though his message is correct, his methodology and venue are inappropriate. There is no need for a bully pulpit.

Another controversy does not bode well for the Trump administration.