September 22


1. Dictators : Both are absolute dictators ruled/ruling their countries by paranoia. They answer to no one.
2. Brutality: Both are equally brutal , Hitler killed millions of people, the chance of Kim killing as many people is minimal, but the killing of his relatives exemplifies his cruelty
3. Propaganda; Information control, censorship and people control are similar. Technology replaces radio and newspapers.
4. Birthrite: Kim clams to be of super natural birth. Hitler who claims to be perfect as to lead his “perfect race”.
5. Sanity: Both are judged as insane, although no medical diagnosis is available for either.
6. Trust: Neither could be trusted.
7. Temper: Both have temper control issues that overtake rational thinking.

1. Popularity: Hitler had great oratory skills and conviction that attracted millions of people, Kim lacks this.
2.Rise to power: Hitler rose to power step by step through his meticulous planing using WWI loss and the great depression as scapegoats.The power of Kim is passed through lineage.
3. HARDSHIP: Hitler had a tough early life. His parents died young left him very poor. Gassed in WW1, he spent some time in jail. KJU inherited his position, well educated, and did nothing to earn his stripes.
4. Method of control: Kim uses a psychological method to controlling the country. North Korea is shut out from the outside world so the North Koreans know of nothing else. Hitler’s method was direct and brutal.
5. Intelligence: Hitler ran wars on three fronts, governed most of Europe, and it is believed to have been highly intelligent with an IQ of 135-40. He studied and read voraciously. KJU lacks most leadership skills. His IQ is unknown.

Both were/are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Both have mental deficiencies. WWII cost 70,000,000 people. Kim could cost the US 10,000,000 lives with a push of the button. Kim is infinitely more dangerous because technology had advanced modern war power to the point that Kim’s bomb is the neutralizer in the US/North Korea struggle.

KJU will focus on the US, Japan and South Korea. We are the only ones that can defend or offend against North Korea. The stalemate has reached its end. The US must act decisively and quickly.

A preemptive strike is called for if KJU continues to bluster, defy international law, and builds his nuclear arms and missile delivery system. A deadline must be imposed to give up all his military strength stating that we will use military force if he does not surrender his weapons.