Former National Security Adviser for Barack Obama.

Rice asserted that she did not unmask the Trump associates for political purposes. Then later recanted when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes revealed he had seen the names of Trump officials in classified reports, even though names of citizens and permanent residents are typically excluded in order to protect their privacy.

Former head of the FBI

Comey testified before a congressional committee in July, 2016. He stated an alarming criminal case against then candidate HRC in regards to the classified emails that she carelessly mishandled. Even though he said she was “extremely careless” he found no criminal intent.

Gross negligence is a felony if you are a State Dept. official, especially if you are head of that Department. Yet, she got a pass from Comey, The nation was in shock over this decision.

Clearly, there was collusion between Clinton-Lynch-Obama-Comey so that no criminal charges would be filed against Hillary Clinton to salvage her run for president.

Former US Attorney General heading up the Department of Justice

Lynch was the linchpin in the HRC email scandal. She covered for her by not filing criminal charges. She took the recommendation of the FBI. It is her job to decide on whether charges were filed, not Comey’s. The legal process was centered in her office. She doesn’t file, HRC walks free and continues on with her campaign.

Comey met with AG Lynch. She asked that he reclassify the Clinton investigation as a “matter”

The weekend before Comey’s testimony, former President Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch on the Arizona tarmac. Both had their own airplanes. Lynch’s was cleared of staff so they could have a private conversation which later was revealed by both that they had discussed their grandchildren

Former President of the United States 1993-2001

Mr. Clinton will have to either collaborate his story with Lynch on the tarmac meeting or change it to fit what is realistic. Nobody believes that they only discussed their grandchildren. He probably has much more information on the backdoor dealings of the Clinton campaign.

Former President of the Untied States 2009-2017

President Obama is the mastermind behind the presidential campaign of HRC. It became obvious that she was flawed, almost from the beginning. He authorized wire taps, invasion of privacy, and investigations into the Trump campaign, long before he was elected.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes to try to get information on the Trump campaign and undermine his presidency.

So far, he has remained immune from Congressional probes. When the others testify as well as their subordinates, someone is going to crack. Spill the beans so to speak. Either that or they take the 5th Amendment. Let’s hope Trey Goudy is the lead on the House investigations.

Presidential candidate for the Democrat National Committee.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is in big trouble. She will have to answer for criminal charges for intentional mishandling of classified emails, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, lying to Congress, Benghazi, rigging the Democratic primaries, The Clinton Foundation, etc. etc. etc.