September 21


Sanctions, unanimously approved by the UN, and an executive order by President trump cutting off banking relations and trade will slowly suck the life out of North Korea.
No more appeasement, no more bribes, and lots of tough talk.
The US seemingly has chosen sanctions rather than a military option although it looms in the foreground. All good, but….let’s talk devil’s advocate.
The slow death grip of sanctions, squeezing the life out of KJU, could have disastrous consequences. As he sees his people starve, gas supplies drawn down, and a general military moral breakdown, KJU will find himself faced with few alternatives.
1. Surrender its nuclear arsenal and ballistic missiles. A complete destruction of all that is associated with a nuclear program and a give up of his border artillery would be mandatory conditions.
2. Go on a reckless path of destruction bombing anything and everything including a simultaneous attack on Seattle, San Francisco Los Angeles, South Korea and Japan.
The mind boggling question is just what will KJU do. Is he so insane that he will sacrifice his North Korean regime to fire missiles at the US, Japan, or South Korea? Or will he capitulate, give up his weapons and become a productive part of the civilized world?
The final moves are in place. KJU dd not flinch, but China and the US did. KJU still has his nukes and continues to bluster. China is cooperating with sanctions and the US is pushing for a maximum cut off of all supplies, monetary sanctions and a possible embargo surrounding North Korea.
So, what is different from a few months ago? Sure, eventually, NK will collapse, maybe even a coup is possible. But….the strong probability of KJU ringing death and destruction on a scale never known to man is just too big a chance to take.
The United States cannot take this chance regardless of how effective the sanctions are deemed. They don’t take into account a rash mad death struggle that forces a crazed petulant child to throw a tantrum.
There must be a timetable attached to the sanctions. A definitive deadline that forces KJU to acquiesce. Give up his arsenal, all of it, or face military consequences.
Mr. President, protect Americans, lay down the law. Set the time deadline and stick to it! Give him this one last chance to abort his weapons. It’s either him or us.