President Trump’s ultimatum on North Korea & Iran.

Today the President delivered a speech to the United Nations General Assembly where, in part, he pinpointed and focused on the issues surrounding North Korea and Iran.

He referenced the primary United Nations goals of each country respecting the individual rights of its citizens and the sovereignty of all countries.

“If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few than evil will triumph.”

“Rocket Man” has been put on international notice that United States will not and cannot tolerate nuclear weapons and their delivery system in the possession of KJU.

The nuclear tests and the development of an ICBM missile are regarded as direct threats against the US. Combined with the extreme rhetoric by the NK regime, they must be taken seriously and will not be tolerated.

The United States has available military force to totally destroy NK. It will do so without hesitation or notice if KJU does not give up his nukes and missiles.

The Iran nuclear pact is the worst one sided deal ever entered into by the US history. It is entirely possible that the US will denounce the agreement.

Trump called for Iran to stop funding terrorism and recognize human rights. The United State will stop Islamic radical terrorism.

This speech at the United Nations was far and away Trump’s best. It was clear and unambiguous. He covered every subject including many that have been deemed too sensitive to bring up in front of the UN body. I urge you to review the speech, it will make you feel very good about America at instill confidence in President Trump. Vintage Trump.

It gave me great pleasure to see the stern hollow faces of the North Korean and Iranian representatives. For once, they have been redressed and humiliated publicly. Trump has called them out in front of the entire UN General assembly and a huge worldwide television audience.