9/11..A day that will be long remembered infamy.

9/11. Today marks the 16th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in world history. Not coincidental, the attack on Benghazi where we lost 4 brace Americans took place on this date in 2012.

2996 brave innocent souls lost their lives in four different airplanes. 343 firefighters & 71 policemen gave their last full measure of devotion.

The men and women who gave their lives are heroes as are those that worked tirelessly to save the few that survived the tower meltdown.

We all remember exactly what we were doing then. This scar on our minds is indelibly etched for eternity. The memories of our loved ones will never be forgotten. They serve as an inspiration for future generations.

The members of the armed services have taken on the burden of stamping out terrorism. 7000 have given their lives in that pursuit since 9/11.

We cannot and will not let terrorists rule the way we live. We must remain strong and resolute. Each person and each nation must do their part in this battle to restore peace and security within borders.

Political correctness has made us soft and yielding. Let’s call it what it is. Radical Islam has taken the Quran and used it as an excuse to impose its will to gain territory and
enslave large populations. Jihad has changed the way we live. Fear and prejudice are commonplace.

Muslim radicals and Sharia law must be stopped. Middle East countries have fostered and supported terrorism and allowed this perverted ideology to take root in their society.

It is their problem in their country. It is up to them to settle their religious differences and provide refuge for the millions of refugees. Western countries cannot support mass migration, nor will we change our ideology.

Europe and the United States do not want Muslim immigrants. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, & UAE must step up and take them in. It’s a natural progression of the immigrant solution. It’s their problem, let them solve it.

Saudi Arabia has a tent city with plumbing, power and air-conditioning. It holds 3 million people and is vacant 360 days a year. It is the perfect place to house immigrants and is the only logical economic and logistic solution, yet Saudi Arabia has not taken in one immigrant from Iraq or Syria.

It is high time they are called out.