President Obama passed an executive order allowing those born in the US to illegal immigrants would be permitted to remain in the United States.

800,000 children and young adults would be affected.

This order was issued in spite of congressional legislation that contradicted it. Hotly contested, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has declared the process unconstitutional.

Humanitarian issues conflict with constitutional principles. Compassion for innocent children is on the opposite side of the law. Open borders, immigration, deportation of 11M illegals are all part of this mass problem.

1. An extension of the Obama executive order allowing DACA would face federal court challenges and likely cause the immediate withdrawal of legal permits of DACA residents. 10 different states are threatening legal action to strike down the Obama DACA executive order.
2. Remands to Congress to pass legislation which would determine the Dreamer’s ability to work and reside in the United States. Congress must now deal with the entire immigration problem including DACA.

President Trump signed an executive order rescinding DACA. AG Jeff Sessions made the announcement stating legal principles that show the Obama order unconstitutional. He shifted the problem from the executive to the legislative branch of Government.

The order extends DACA for 2 years and gives Congress 6 months to pass legislation to allow a pathway to legal residency.

The Left is saying that Trump showed cowardice by not making the announcement himself. He lacks compassion and is morally bankrupt. He betrayed those under DACA.

The Right says this is a legal issue and should come, as it did, from the Attorney General. While not yet declared illegal, it is only a matter of time if the President did not act as he did. It’s up to Congress to legislate DACA.

Congress makes the laws not the President. Trump favors a legal path to residency and likely would not veto a bill passed by both houses allowing the dreamers to stay.

The President does not interpret the law, the courts do. The 3 branches of government are what the founders of this country envisioned and what makes democracy live. It’s called the balance of power.

We applaud your decision to force immigration to the forefront. It has been ignored for 30 years. If the liberals are so concerned with DACA, then let them bring forth legislation that will protect and secure our borders. Americans do not want an open border.

It is unfortunate and distasteful that the Dreamers are a pawn in this immigration game. Let’s see if the Democrats are willing to put politics aside and give the Dreamers the break they need. Bi-partisan participation is needed.