The penalty of underestimating KJU will yield an unfathomable result. A nuclear disaster 50 times the size of Hiroshima or Nagasaki will be the result of a bad guess.

West coast cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles will be the likely first targets. It is highly probable that all might be struck simultaneously in a multiple launch.

A surprise attack of this magnitude is indefensible.

Russia and China have a long history of aggression, attacking first and asking questions later. Korea, Vietnam, the Iron Curtain, and Ukraine are all products of their methodology and ideology.

They spared nothing in their attempts to expand their territory and increase their control over the regions. China and Russia stay in the background and deny any responsibility for these actions. They answer to no one.

Comes now the United States which is openly threatened with a nuclear holocaust by North Korean madman, KJU, a dictator who starves his own people, spends 23% of the GDP on military buildup, defies the Geneva Convention, and kills his own relatives.

Russian and Chinese silence is deafening. They could easily prevent US military action by simply cutting off North Korea.

We cannot risk losing 10M Americans. Nor can we endanger 10M South Koreans who reside in Seoul.

It is an impossible choice. Appeasement has not worked. KJU has opportunistically taken advantage of our soft spot, propagated by the last three presidents.

And all out tactical assault on North Korean border cannons, missile installations, nuclear storage, and Pyongyang is warranted. There will be losses, though far less if we strike first, and most important the casualties will not be ours.

Mr. President: Table talk is over. Self preservation is called for.

Let’s roll!