The solution to North Korean aggression is a very dicey proposition, mainly because of the artillery aimed at Seoul. Even with an optimal strike, there will be heavy losses.

10M people cannot be evacuated, certainly not in secret. So, the invasion on NK must be done quickly, efficiently and without warning.

It’s efficacy must be weighed carefully against potential loss of life in SK, Japan, Guam, and the continental US. All the affected allies must be on the same page.

Technology will play a large part in the ultimate success of this mission. Perhaps it will be a combination of Electro Magnetic Pulse, Moabs, and conventional air power. The ends must justify the means.

Looming ever present is the insanity of KJU and his ICBM capacity to deliver a nuclear bomb to major US city with multiple launches. Complicated but doable.

It is highly probable that a combination of air, sea power, and border ground troops will render NK helpless. The strike must be efficient, fast, and secretive.

Necessity is the mother of invention.