Only criminals hate the police……

Groups with a hidden agenda will use police brutality (extremely rare) to push their cause, which is often not understandable. A police incident that makes headline news brings them national attention.

It might interest BLM and other mean spirited anti-cop haters to know that there are approximately 800,000 members of law enforcement that make about 63,000,000 stops or encounters per year.

Hmmm…Let’s see just how many “pig buddies” misfit the uniform.

Fact: Less than .00025% of policemen misfit the uniform.

Further, out of 1.5M pedestrian stops annually, 10,000 filed complaints; that’s .0066 % of potential police misconduct. Only .00043 or 43 are convicted. That’s a better average than amongst clergy.

This should serve to contextulize the insults that police officers endure.

The link between BLM for example, and police hate is somewhat curious. Does anybody really think that by getting rid of the police, they would be better off?

Certainly, we can’t say all BLM are criminals. Nor are their supporters, the ones that march, protest, and rant with hate and kill signs. If they all are not criminals, what is their motive? What do they expect to accomplish?

What is their end game? Political power? Throwing out incumbent politicians? What?

Perhaps, if they offered a solution we would listen. But then their claim to fame would be extinguished because they would become mainstream and have to follow the rules. Rules they break every time they want to be heard.

So, that takes us back to the original statement doesn’t it? Only criminals hate the cops.