How much more can President Trump take? A softer man with lesser conviction would have caved by now.

The Democrats do not want to help the people they represent, don’t want to govern, rather, they want to get rid of Trump regardless of who it hurts. Calls for impeachment rang out the his first day in office.

They use false news, misrepresentations, monument removal, racism and twist his words regardless of what he says. They beat him up 24 hours a day.

He has endured every insult, every jab, misrepresentation, answered the same questions dozens of times and has always kept his cool. His family has suffered too. Does it ever end?

Anybody else would go apoplectic.

Donald’s skin is as thick as an alligator. Unpenetratable. The harder they try, the more he digs in. Yet, he has kept his cool.

All the while, toiling 24/7 without salary, he continues to work for the American people, accomplishing more than Obama did in 8 years.

He is relentless, he is tireless. He is Donald Trump.

Thank you Mr. President, we stand behind you..