The infamous combination of Clinton to Lynch to Obama to Comey is finally coming home to roost. Does anybody really believe President Clinton’s statement that the just dropped by to talk to Lynch about their grandchildren?

C’mon man?

Consider the clearances that they have to get to meet each other on the Arizona Tarmac, not just from the DOT, -but from the DOJ, FBI, and many others.

I fear that we will see the 5th Amendment invoked. Those closer to the center will be the hardest to crack. It takes a peripheral player to flinch first to break this wide open.

Lynch, Obama and Clinton had a common goal: get HRC elected. Heavy heat was on her including a criminal investigation by the FBI. It is interesting to note that Comey did not personally interview HRC. Nor was she put under oath. Why not? For X sakes. Why not?


1. Bill Clinton arranges a meeting with Loretta Lynch on the Arizona tarmac.
2. He tells her to not prosecute his wife.
3. She says, she will take it up personally with President Obama.
4. Obama, a well known Trump hater, tells her to quash the investigation by not pursuing HRC with any criminal charges.
5. Lynch tells James Comey, FBI director, to rename the investigation and call it a matter. She tell him Obama does not want any criminal charges filed.
6. Just 3 days after tarmac, Comey has a press conference where he gives every reason why she should be indicted, but lets her off, saying there was no criminal intent. He says she is guilty of “excessive carelessness”, which is tantamount to gross negligence, a felony under the statute for a cabinet member of her stature.

It is hoped that her lies to Congress, obstruction of Justice by destroying cell phones, computers and bleaching 30,000 emails will all come to light in this investigation. It will if Trey Gowdy has anything to do with it.