President Trump’s 75 minute fiery rant brings much criticism from both sides.

1. He bashed the the media, claiming bias, dishonesty, and misrepresentation.
2. Senators John McCain & Jeff Blake were singled out on failed repeal of Obamacare.
3. Called for striking of the filibuster rule.
4. Promised to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
5. He defended his position on Racism stemming from Charlottesville.
6. Build the wall or close down the government.

QUERY: How does denigrating the media and GOP senators get him any closer to legislative achievement?

The President must re-examine his tactics. His personal attacks are wearing thin, tweets are off the wall, & his comments are inflammatory and juvenile.

While he hasn’t lost his base support, he is losing a few GOP senators which puts the republican majority in jeopardy.

Voters in the 2018 midterm elections are not going to be concerned with media bias, they’re going to be concerned with legislation.

Mr. President, it’s time to reel back the rhetoric and regain control of yourself and your position as president.
1. Measure your comments carefully.
2. Present a unified front with your cabinet.
3. Stop defending yourself on racism. You have stated your position.
4. Accept the bias of the Left press and go about your business.
5. Move toward reconciliation with the Democratic Party so that you can get legislation passed. Start with infrastructure.
6. Stop attacking members of your own party. You need them. Build the majority, not reduce it.
7. Prioritize your agenda.
8. Concentrate on jobs, tax cuts. and foreign policy.
9. Delete your Twitter account.

Mr. President: We are solidly behind you, but are dismayed at your governance. Get the chip off your shoulder. You are the President of United States and not in a school yard.