I URGE YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, as long as it stays up. I warn you it’s too much to take so don’t view if you can’t handle the truth. It will bring home what this message is all about.
Think dirty bomb or chemical release. Think trucks, shrapnel suicide bombs, Automatic weapons & knives; all used as weapons by terrorists. Think trains, buses and all forms that don’t require security clearance.
No amount of security and prevention will deter or stop a deranged religious zealot who has become radicalized and does not care about the terrible consequences his act will bring.
Terrorists use the internet to communicate their plans. Social media is a format they use for advance bragging, recognition and discussions surrounding their future heinous acts.
1. AN INTERNATIONAL POLICY: FBI, CIA, Interpol, & the Justice Department, need a free reign to investigate cell phones, the internet, social media. and computers. A Web Crawler program targeting markers in social network would yield a list of potential lone wolfs.With unfettered access many of the terrorists’ plots can be thwarted.
They will learn much from keyword searches which will lead to arrests before the terrorist acts. Same for immigration procedures. The immigrant must submit his cell phone and personal computer for inspection.
a. Internet hotheads burn to tell outsiders of their plans.
b. Unlike racial profiling, this method would be color blind.
c. Increased of unrestrained intelligence to ferret out terrorist cells.
2. FAMILIES OF TERRORISTS. Arrest them. Constitutional problems here, AMEND IT.. A different set of laws are required to protect Americans and our European allies. Remember Japanese internment camps? Italian and Germans?
3. SIEZURE OF ASSETS: Sieze bank accounts and property. Highly probable that they know more than the claim. Modify the arraignment process to increase the holding period. When the families of an offender know that their financial and personal freedom is at stake, there will be much more advance concern before one of their sons can act. They will tip the authorities off when forced to save their own skin.
4. STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION FROM MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES: Implement a ban on Muslim immigration from the Middle East and Africa. Europe needs to do the same.
5. INCREASED SURVEILLANCE on American Mosques where Muslim youth is turned in the wrong direction.
6. DEFUND MUSLIM TERRORIST COUNTRIES….IRAN, QATAR, SOMELIA, AND PALESTINE. Follow through on funding and developing the Muslim coalition so that those countries can assist in stopping the Jihad at its roots. It’s a Muslim problem and needs to be addressed by the Middle East Arabs. Starts with Saudi Arabia and ends with Iran.