The superficial idea behind their removal is that they are a constant reminder of America’s dark past of bigotry and slavery. How long are the blacks going to claim the Civil War as the reason for their oppression?The amped up hype to eliminate these monuments is an erie reminder of Nazi Germany, China and ISIS where their freedoms were stripped away, They burned books and took away individual rights, all with the aim at imposing their ideologies.

The powerless Left wants to impeach or somehow remove President Trump from office. They want to win a majority in both houses of congress. They want the silent white majority to fall into disfavor, branding them as racists and white supremists.

Liberals want the Electoral College dismantled, thus fracturing Trump’s power base. Move it to the big coastal cities and Mid America loses its vote, or at least its effectiveness.

So, they draw attention to their cause by fake news, riots, protests, signs, and trying to make Trump look bad at every turn; all aimed at the 2018 congressional elections and the 2020 presidential contest. This accounts for Trump’s historic low approval rating of 34%. If Trump were to find a cure for cancer, Lefty would say he caused it.

The question remains whether the removal of these symbols is an appropriate remedy or is it an appeasement to political correctness to garner the Southern Black vote?