intercepted_episode_nine_v2-1490124654-article-header[1]The Players:
North Korea, China, & The United States

The Problem:
Nuclear weapons and an ICBM delivery system in the hands of a mentally disturbed KJU.

Solution 1:
1. China has agreed to UN sanctions. This is not enough. It must enforce them. It must exceed them. They supply NK with 85% of their imports. Cut them off!
2. China must not condone nuclear arms nor its missile delivery system that KJU possesses.
3. China must de-legitimize the Norh Korean regime.

Solution 2:
1. China does little to cooperate with the de-arming of NK nuclear capabiility. China does not want a unified Korea. It does not want mass panicked migration flooding its border if US bombs NK. It cannot have both. Trump applies extreme pressure to get China’s cooperation.
2. Trump issues demand to KJU that he must give up its nuclear weapons and missiles.
3. Trump tells NK when it must remove its border cannons aimed as Seoul.
4. Trump gives a clear cut deadline for removal of nukes, missiles and border artillary.
5. US takes out KJU with either a peaceful coup or a planned assassination.

Solution 3.
1. If both Solution 1 or 2 fail, then US must act on its demands.
2. A precise pre-emptive strikeforce must be coordinated to not give KJU any chance of retaliation. A faux pas will result in retaliation to the Seoul population.
3. MOAB’S will work (mother of all bombs). It doesn’t have to be nuclear.
4. The US cannot put its citizens in jepoardy of a Nuclear attack on one of its major cities. That prospect is more frighening than anything we have ever faced.

Mr. President: Time is of the essence. We are well into the 11th hour. We don’t know what KJU will do, but must think of the worst case. We know what we can and must do.

Set the deadlines and act on them.