The comparison of NK to Iran is a good one. Neither country can be trusted to honor their agreements.

Both are sponsors of terrorism and they have the Bomb with missile delivery capability. Leadership that hates the US with an irrational fear is a commonality.

Iran is manageable, insane KJU is not.

NK, however, is an isolated small country dependent on China for its very existence. President Trump must exercise max pressure to get China to cut NK off. President Xi (China) must be given a definitive time deadline to implement an austerity program aimed at NK.

It must be given a very short leash.

If it does not comply, China will face what it fears most: mass immigration flooding their borders when the US strikes with a deadly military force.

Given the choice between a unified Korea with American troops on its border or millions of desperate NK immigrants, it’s pretty obvious which they will choose.

Mr. President, follow President Harry S. Truman’s lead. No more appeasement. No more capitulation. Act swiftly and decisively. The clock is ticking.