North Korea successfully tested and ICBM Friday, July 28, 2017. It now has the capability to hit major US cities. This action prompted a condemnation from the United States which stated that it would act to ensure its security..
NK can launch a reliable nuclear capable ICBM by early 2018. That’s 6 months from now.

Nothing will stop KJU on his mad quest to develop and probable use of a nuclear device. His most likely targets are Seoul. Tokyo, or Los Angeles; all with populations of over 10,000,000. There is no dealing with a mentally defective dictator to starves his people, threatens the world, answers and listens to no one, and defies the Geneva Convention.

He is the mouse that roared, Napoleon with a deformed twist. He is unpredictable and that what makes him perilous, the most dangerous man in the world.
KJU will not flinch.

Nothing thus far has make China move towards the West. It won’t cut KJU off. It stays on the sidelines and plays the Wind. Their silence is deafening. They like the Status Quo. They don’t want a unified Korea because that would add too much US presence too close to their border.
China will not flinch.

Peace and Appeasement are not on speaking terms. The more we give in, the more NK reacts with missile tests. There have been 12 so far this year.
Sanctions, concessions, and threats have no affect on KJU.

1. Force China to cut NK off by threatening aggression. That will cause a mass migration to China’s borders. This is their worst fear. Trump must act decisively, courageously, and be willing to follow through with aggression.
2. Arm Japan and South Korea with nuclear weapons.
3. Drop MOAB’s (largest bomb since WWII) on all their missile sites, nuclear storage and border howitzers aimed at SK.
4. Assassinate KJU promoting a regime change.
5. More condemnations and sanctions.
6. Increased military presence on and around the Korean peninsula.
7. Recruit Dennis Rodman. He becomes a peace maker instead of an enforcer.
The U.S. will not flinch.

So, the deadly stalemate continues. Trump’s line in the sand has been breached. This deadly game of chicken can only have one ending. We cannot afford to wait for the first shot to respond. Then it’s too late.

A highly precision pre-emptive strike is called for. Either he gets us or we get him.

Mr. President, the stakes have risen, you are the last to act. Fold or raise?