Big Pharma is withholding the cure for Cancer. They already have it and are not releasing it because they want to sell more drugs to put the cancers in remission. More profitable that way than to sell an outright cure.

Why would Big Pharma withhold it? They could sell much more of the cure than of a drug that would halt its progess. They could never fill all the orders at least within a reasonable time period. It would sell forever; they would never run out of customers.

This “cure” probably would be a prolonged event. One pill or injection is not going to do it. So, Pharma gets recurring sales. Many more would be getting Cancer and need the drug, so the cycle continues with astronomical sales and deliveries that cannot be met. If they developed the cure, then they would look for a way to prevent it. Think of the sales that would generate.

Just imagine the world chaos a cure would cause. Millions reaching out to be first so that they would survive. Millions that couldn’t afford it. Obviously, government would have to deal with this kind of panic..

There are so many types of cancers, so it’s very doubtful if there is one cure-all. Thus, many more drugs to sell than just one.

Lastly, an event as big as a cancer cure could not be kept a sercret, no matter how well guarded. 10’s o 1000’s of people would have been involved with the research, development and trials. Do you honestly think they all could keep the secret for the cure to the big C?


It takes an average of 12 years for a drug to travel from the research lab to the patient. In addition, only five in 5,000, or 1%, of the drugs that begin preclinical testing ever make it to human testing. Only one of these five is ever approved for human usage. The cost is $1.2B-2.6B.

They have to sell a lot of pills to realize profits.

Trump recognizes this and his plan is to streamline the FDA approval process WITHOUT lowering the approval standards. This would bring down costs and passed on to consumers.